Why Bother Attending a First Aid Course?

Many people that attend our First Aid Courses do so because they require a certificate for their workplace.  Their motivation factor is purely to get the certificate and it enables them to get new employment or stay in their current position as Health & Safety legislation requires it.  This is an essential part of workplace safety. The Occupational First Aider knows how to respond in an emergency and effectively deal with First Aid situations that may arise . The course that the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) recognises is the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council First Aid Response Course or the PHECC FAR as it has become known. (From The 1st of September 2017 this replaces the FETAC/QQI Occupational First Aid Standard) For more information on the details of the new standard the PHECC First Aid Response and how it will affect you financially and the time cost involved check out these links – 



However our experience at NB Training Services is that most people who attend our courses benefit from the skills taught more in their home or in a community setting than in the workplace. Time and time again our customers return to update their First Aid Skills (usually every two years) and we are told life saving stories and experiences of how they benefited from their previous course. Here are just a few of the many examples. 

 ‘I had only finished my 3 day Occupational First Aid Course when I came across a neighbour collapsed outside his house. I thought he was dead and wasn’t sure if I could help. His family were terribly upset so I got stuck in and starting doing CPR. I was pressing on his chest for over 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived with a defibrillator. They asked me to continue with chest compressions until they had everything set up. The man was given at least two shocks with the defibrillator. He came around and after a stay in hospital returned home. The family were extremely grateful. (This incident occurred in Cavan)

I received a phone call from a client after finishing an Occupational First Aid course the previous week to say that two participants on their way to work came across a person collapsed on the pavement. They started bystander CPR and kept going until the ambulance arrived. The man was successfully resuscitated. (This incident occurred in Dundalk, Co. Louth)

Every month to 6 weeks we provide short Paediatric First Aid Courses for Niamh O’ Reilly in Niamh’s Nursery in South Dublin. On one of our Paediatric First Aid courses we had a father attending. He told me his motivation for attending, was that his wife had attended our course the previous month. Shortly after the course their baby infant started to choke. The mum successfully dealt with the incident and saved her young baby’s life. He said only for the course she would not have known what to do. He was now attending to learn the same life saving skills. (This incident occurred in Dublin.)

These are just some of the examples of the life saving skills that we teach being put into effect. We have many more countless incidents that our participants relay to us. Doing a first aid course can save the life of a family member friend or a loved one. Attend one of our courses and be prepared for an emergency situation in your family home or workplace. Contact us now by email or phone. Click on this link- Contact Us. 

We provide the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council First Aid Response Course (PHECC FAR) which keeps you compliant in the workplace. We also provide short half day and 1 day First Aid courses that will teach you these lifesaving skills. 

We tailor the courses to meet your needs. Some of the courses that we provide are

Sports first Aid: For Sports clubs, GAA, FAI, cycling etc with an emphasis on sports injuries.

Paediatric First Aid: For crèche workers, Parents of young children & babies, Grandparents and babysitters. This has a big emphasis on Paediatric First Aid and Childhood emergencies. 

First Aid for Teachers and Schools:  For Special Needs assistants and teachers focusing on paediatric first aid and the needs of the particular school. 

 To book a course with us click on this link- Contact us. 

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