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Oxygen therapy is a medical intervention that involves the administration of supplemental oxygen to individuals who have difficulty obtaining sufficient oxygen naturally. It is a common and crucial medical treatment prescribed for conditions where the body's oxygen levels are insufficient to meet its needs.
The primary goal of oxygen therapy is to increase the concentration of oxygen in the patient's lungs and subsequently in their bloodstream. This ensures an adequate supply of oxygen to body tissues and organs, promoting improved cellular function and overall health.
This course will include how oxygen therapy can be delivered through various devices, such as nasal cannulas, face masks, and ventilators. We will also look the safe and effective use of Oxygen and how to avoid potential risks. 
1. Introduction to Oxygen Therapy:
  • Definition and purpose of oxygen therapy
  • Importance of oxygen in the body
2. Physiology of Oxygenation:
  • Basics of respiratory system anatomy and function
  • Gas exchange in the lungs
  • Oxygen transport in the blood
3. Indications for Oxygen Therapy:
  • Conditions and situations requiring supplemental oxygen
  • Assessment of patients for oxygen therapy
  • Signs and symptoms of hypoxia
4. Oxygen Delivery Devices:
  • Different types of oxygen delivery devices (nasal cannula, face masks, venturi masks, non-rebreather masks, etc.)
5. Oxygen Sources:
  • Overview of oxygen sources (cylinders, concentrators)
  • Handling and storage of oxygen cylinders
  • Safety precautions
6. Prescription and Administration:
  • Determining the appropriate flow rate
  • Monitoring and adjusting oxygen therapy
7. Complications and Side Effects:
  • Potential complications of oxygen therapy
  • Monitoring for adverse reactions
8. Patient Education:
  • Educating patients and caregivers on oxygen therapy
  • Teaching proper device usage and care
  • Lifestyle considerations and precautions
9. Documentation and Record Keeping:
  • Importance of accurate documentation
  • Record-keeping for oxygen therapy
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
10. Emergency Response:
  • Recognizing and responding to oxygen therapy emergencies
  • Coordination with emergency medical services
11. Review and Assessment:
  • Review of key concepts
  • Assessment methods for proficiency and understanding
The content of this Oxygen Therapy Training course will be adapted to meet the specific needs of the facility requiring the course.
Virtual online training via ZOOM or MS Teams now available. Log in from your work or from home for this bespoke Oxygen Therapy course.
NB: We would recomend that particpants would also complete a CPR Course 
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