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PHECC First Aid Response - Coronovirus Covid 19

IMPORTANT: COVID‐19 Pandemic & PHECC First Aid Response Training Courses

We have had a lot of enquiries in relation to delivery of the PHECC First Aid Response course and the current SARS NCOV2 (COVID‐19) Pandemic.

PHECC FAR – First Aid Response - latest Update (21st Sept 18)

This is the latest update on the NEW PHECC First Aid Response Course on the 21 September 2018

From the 21st September PHECC have increased the number of participants on the First Aid Response course from 6 to 8. 

Family First Aid training Course for infants and children

Paediatric First Aid

People often ask me what the difference is in Paediatric First Aid Course and other First Aid Courses.

Recognition of the QQI Occupational First Aid to Continue until May 31st 2018

The HSA has extended the period that they will recognise the QQI Occupational First Aid Course. See below for the full HSA Statement. 

How does this affect you?

Advanced First Aid For First Responder

Advanced First Aid For First Responder

As a Nurse and qualified First Aid Responder and PHECC CFR Instructor I always like to update my knowledge and skills. I do this by attending conferences and study days every year. I also like to read and research the topics that I teach.

PHECC First Aid Response - FAR course, final implementation deadline delayed

QQI Occupational First Aid will continue to be recognised

The Health & Safety Authority have announced they will still recognise the QQI Occupational First Aid for a further 4 months.

QQI Occupational First Aid New FAR Course

QQI Occupational First Aid. What Happens Now?

Changes to recognition of Occupational First Aid (Award Code 5N1207) to be introduced from September 2017

Why Bother Attending a First Aid Course?

Many people that attend our First Aid Courses do so because they require a certificate for their workplace.


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