PHECC FAR – First Aid Response - latest Update (21st Sept 18)

This is the latest update on the NEW PHECC First Aid Response Course on the 21 September 2018

From the 21st September PHECC have increased the number of participants on the First Aid Response course from 6 to 8. 

See below for more details on the update. 

The First Aid Response (FAR) Education and Training Standards (first published in 2014) has recently been revised as a part of the transition project for OFA to FAR for the national education standard for occupational first aid training in the workplace. The revised FAR Standard must be implemented by all RIS approved to deliver the FAR course by Monday, 31st December 2018.

Key revisions in the FAR Standard include:

1. Guidance relating to the minimum age for course entry

2. The instructor to student ratio has been increased to 1:8 for practical skills sessions

3. The FAR CPGs (2017) have been incorporated into the Standard content

4. References and resources for PHECC publications relevant to FAR course delivery have been added

5. There is now a second multiple choice question (MCQ) exam available (Exam B). This can be requested by the main designated person of the RI via email to

6. The pass rate for the MCQ exam has been changed to 60% (previously set at 80%)

7. Guidance relating to a grace period for re-certification if the certificate has lapsed.

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