Fire Safety in the Home

Fire Safety in The home

Fire safety in the home

Did you know that the chimney fires were the main cause of fires in 2016?

The Fire Brigade in Ireland were called to 2,520 chimney fires caused by soot and hot ashes.  In County Monaghan alone, there was 62 chimney fires.

We are now coming into the winter months when we start lighting fires. There is an onus on all of us to get our chimneys cleaned. ‘An ounce of prevention of better than a pound of cure’

There are hundreds of fires caused by cooking and heating each year with 219 being recorded last year. Electrical equipment and faulty wiring accounted for 452 fires in 2016.

A lot of fires are preventable. Protect your Family and your Home.

Fire Safety Week in Ireland is from 2nd to the 9th Oct.

For Fire Safety Week We are all urged to STOP Fires

Smoke alarms

Make sure you have at least one on every floor. Place a smoke in each room of your house except the bathroom, Kitchen and garage. Where there is a room with an open fire a heat alarm can be installed. Smoke alarms must be fitted on the ceiling and as close to centre of the room as possible. Do not place them on a wall. When you are asleep your sense of smell does not work. – A smoke alarm is essential.  

Test your smoke alarms weeklyTest your smoke alarm weekly, or ask someone to check it for you.  Test it by pressing the test button with the handle of a floor brush. Every 6 months vacuum your alarm to get rid of all dust.  Change the battery every year. Replace the smoke alarm every 10 years 

Obvious Dangers Look for fire risks like overloaded sockets, candles and unattended appliances. Do a nightly Fire check regularly particularly at night.  Unplug electrical appliances e.g. mobile phone chargers.  Place a fireguard in front of an open fire. Turn off gas appliances.  Make sure that all candles have been extinguished. Make sure you will be able to exit your house speedily.

Plan your escape routeKeep access routes clear and have your keys at the ready. Discuss with your family an escape or evacuation plan. Make sure your keys for the door are easily accessible. Discuss all routes of escape. Talk to your children and plan fire drills with them. It can take as little as 3 minutes to die from smoke inhalation. Most people who die in fires do not die from burns but from smoke inhalation.

Protect your Family and your Home.

We run Fire Safety Courses in The Enterprise Centre Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan on a regular basis.

Call Eric on 0866060127 to book a place

We will also travel to your workplace ot provide Fire Safety training. 

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