Needle & Sharps Awareness Training Course

Needle & Sharps Awareness Training Course

A needle-stick injury (otherwise known as a percutaneous injury) is the penetration of the skin by a needle or other sharp object which, prior to exposure, has been in direct contact with blood, tissue or other bodily fluids.

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This course is designed for employees who are likely to encounter hazards such as discarded needles, syringes and sharps etc as part of their job role. These employees are at a higher risk of injury from used and discarded needles, syringes or sharps. This includes Health Care Professionals in Hospitals and Nursing Homes. It also includes those who work in the community that may come in contact with sharps during the course of their work and may also be of interest to others handling sharps, including tattooists, veterinary staff, prison officers, community workers, professional cleaning companies, those working with drug addiciton etc

People with medical conditions and drug users may also use sharps in their homes. Sharps can also be found in public areas. If you have employees visiting clients in their homes or out in parks and public places, you have a duty of care to ensure their safety.

Course outline:

This course will develop awareness of the risks of needle stick and sharps injuries, how to deal with and dispose of sharps and how to protect yourself and others. This course will outline how you can adopt safe working practices to minimise the risk of injury.

Content will include

  • What is a sharp and what can cause a sharp injury?
  • How to safely dispose of sharps
  • Understanding the risks from sharps
  • The associated health risks and how to avoid contamination.
  •  Blood borne viruses
  •  General Measures to prevent sharps and needle stick injuries
  •  Initial first aid and further treatment of needle stick and sharps injuries
  • Reporting of sharps injuries
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Your role in personal protection

Bespoke Course

This bespoke course will be tailored to meet the particular work place. We can incorporate Basic Principles on Spillages of blood and bodily fluids if relevant to the workplace.  

This course is available in-house only. We will travel to your premises to deliver this bespoke course.

Contact us now for your bespoke Needle & Sharps Awareness Training Course. 

This course is available in the following counties. 

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